Natalia Garber​,

trainer in transformational storytelling & poetic accelerator of progress. Out of box thinking for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In the beginning was the Word. And today's digital world still communicates via short stories which have to achieve skillfully both mind and feelings — or the author simply won't be heard in the huge flow of information. Moreover, thanks to 4th Industrial Revolution we sell not products, but stories — so everyone who wants to be heard has to become a storyteller.
And to be on the top, you'd become a poemteller, because verse is an extraordinary accelerator of consciousness, thinking and comprehending the Universe, as Nobel laureate in literature, poet Josef Brodsky said.
Meanwhile, the art of creating short stories & poems and bringing them to life requires special skills that I teach. My trainings in transformational storytelling & poetic progress are designed for active people of all ages and professions who care about the world. Such people believe in the power of words and want to master it: poetically, skillfully, sincerely and professionally.
Lots of people and companies already benefited of my work.
And now YOUR Good Planet' Poem is waiting for its incarnation inside you.
So start to master creation and implementation of the poetry of your
potential progress right now. Because now is just the right time to start.
Sincerely yours,
Natalia Garber


​Digital age preacher&media educator since 1989. ​I graduated Moscow State University, chair of computer science of math department in 1990 with a specialization in math of continuous transformation (Lie groups). I got PhD in media education from Russian Academy of Education (1995, first Russian dissertation in teaching computer animation). I passed fellowships in educational technologies in Aharon Ofri International Center (Jerusalem, 1995) and in complex social Internet-systems in Central European University (Budapest, 1997). I got personal grants for research from Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund, Russian Fund for Fundamental Reasearch and Soros' Foundation "Open society" (1994-1998), laureate of the premium of Academia Euroepaea in humanities for the book "Virtual reality for the beginners" (1998). Leader of the personal popular Web-site "Virtual Russia", devoted to the VR art, VR technology & VR edutainment in Russia and wordwide (1994-1998), expert of the International festival of computer graphics and animation "Anigraph" (1995-1997), PR manager of the 3D Web company ParallelGraphics (1997-1998). Web projects' leader since 1999, chief editor of Internet projects, starting from the Russian Intel Internet Premium (2000). Author of the data analysis of the Russian Union of IT directors in 2019. Author of the media educational anti-crisis project "White swan" on CRN\RE portal since 2020.
Innovative analytical journalist since 1995. Graduate of the fellowship in mass media from British Broadcasting Corporation (227 candidates per place; London, 1997), Article 19 free journalism training from the Media Rights Center (1998),  case study methods from the Institute of sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2004). I made 300+ publications on acceleration of progress & continuous  transformation in the era of the 4th Industrial revolution since 1994. Winner of the competitions "Professional success" of the magazine "Cosmopolitan" in the categories "Education" (1997) and "Science and technology" (1998). I was a freelance journalist of the BBC Russian Service for the radio program “On-line” (1997-1998) and expert editor in innovations&futurology of the magazine "Director general" (2007-2008). I spoke on innovative journalism at "Seliger-2010" under the auspices of the Russian Venture Company. I worte the columns "Investments in RF" (magazine "Budget", 2012) and "Literary brand Russia" (magazine "Book industry", 2013). Author of the books "Investment brand "Russia". Biospherocentric approach of the XXI century" (2014) & "Literary brand "Russia". How can we return the glory to a Russian word?" (2014). Observer of the magazine "Strategy" on the innovative state development and digital (inter)national safety since 2019.
Trainer and tracker in creative decision making, non-linear change management, innovative leadership and transfromational storytelling since 2000. I finished a course in microeconomics from London school of economics (A+, Sankt-Petersburg, 1994), course in business training production from Institute of practical psychology, 1999, screenwriting couse from Hollywood school in Ukraine (UCLA\Kiev,2004), playwriting training from Russian theatrical school (2005+2008), Academy of trackers (2020). Client list includes 150+ clients from small to global, including IT-companies RealTimeBoard (Miro), CROC, IBS, Consultant+ and 1C, medical giants Johnson&Johnson and LEK, publishing houses "Open systems" and "Airis-press", Moscow Industrial bank, MDM-bank and Sberbank, winery "Kristall" and beer holding "Brewery of Ivan Taranov", transport companies "Velikan-Rustractor" and "Volga-Dnepr", KAMAZ, Honda Aoyama Motors, Castrol, British Petroleum, trade houses "Red Cube" and "Econica", "United Metallurgical Company" and "Cosmos TV", building corporations "StroyTech" and "West bridge", advertising holding Video International and media holding RosBusinessConsulting (RBC), etc. Speaker on corporate social responsibility.and social enterpreneurshipAuthor of the books "Training for the winner. Self-management of the Internet epoch", "Tao of creative careerist. Business as a tool of self-realization", "Art of working with people" and "Creative desicions for business" in 2000th. Tracker of talent development for people, organizations and territories since 2010, author of the multimedia-course in creative career&leadership.
Short documentary prose writer and poet since 1983 (Higher Literary Courses, creative class of E.Sidorov, first secretary of the Moscow union of writers, former Minister of culture of Russia, member of Russian Commission for UNESCO, Moscow, 2007; international Summer Literary Seminars, with academic base in Concordia University (Montreal), St-Petersburg, 2007), author of novel collection "Jam" (2010), poetry collection "Spotted dolphin" (2013) and collection of literary essays on cultural brand of a territory "Secret stories of Pushkin hills" (2013).
Creative writer's theme: inner music of humans and Earth. I published 50+ short stories, poems and literary research works in Russia, USA, Germany, Australia and Israel. Participant of the anthology "Modern Russian poetry" of the Moscow union of writers (2006). Laureate of prizes of the Russian Union of Writers  and Big symphonic orchestra (2005), Ministry of culture of Mordovia (2008), Cosmonauts team of RCC “Energy” (2008), German Chekhov’s society (2011), International multimedia festival “Living word” (2013), Russian geographical society (2013), Union of writers of Israel and USA magazine “Interpoezia” (2014), Honorable Mention of the 45th New Millenium Writing Award (top 15% of finalists, USA, 2018). I was included in  the encyclopedia  "Who is who in Russia" (2008) for the cosmic vision of life: in Russian \ in English.
Artist: painter since 1970 and and photographer since 2020. Gallery of paintings by Natalia Garber was hosted by "Museums of Russia" Web-site in 1990th and listed in "The art stand", prestigious world artists directory of 85+ countries. "The art stand" was aimed to "enable the community through the arts", got 25 000 visitors per day and supported Internet art education for 2 million children and adults with disabilities all over the world. I'm a member of the Creative union of artists of Russia and 200+ of my "painings of meanings" are presented in the international community of artists, collectors and art dealers "Artchive" since 2020. I was a speaker of the Russian Art Week 2019 of the Eurasian Art Union with master-classes in creative career for artists and storytelling for curators. My portfolio of photo-art is called "Just one walk on this Planet".
Cultural change manager: senior scientific researcher of the Russian Institute for cultural research (1998-2013), speaker-storyteller, modern art expert. In the 2000s I studied Tuvan shamanism, Russian traditions of lucid dreaming and Chinese&Russian Taoist practices in partnership with the Center for Medical Anthropology of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Later I wrote the tutorial in short prose and poetry"How to write in XXI century?" (2013) and became a trainer in creative writing of short prose and poetry for 100+ students from 7 to 70 under the auspices of the Russian Book Union and cultural reserve "Mikhailovskoye". I was an author and leader of the innovative program of change management for the book industry at the International Writers Forum 2013, including an international competition "Russia through the eyes of poets", master-class in modern writing and training in literary city branding for St-Petersburg. The leadership theartical children's club "The Three Whales" presented the production of my poem “Center of the world" at the Forum and at the Theater Festival "LIK" in Mikhailovskoye. I'm an author of the biospherocentric spiritual solution of Mozart&Salieri Dilemma (2013).
Transformational public diplomat (trainings in coaching, systemic family therapy, psychodrama, Ericson hypnotherapy, art-, fairy tale- & narrative therapy, 1996-2005; student of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) since 2016; I graduated from the course "Diplomacy in the 21 century" of the Global Diplomatic Forum in 2020). I became a spiritual volunteer since 1989, a personal disciple of the leader of Russian ecumenist movement Sandr Riga in 1992-1993, spiritual transformational storyteller since 2006 and spiritual globalist since 2013. I was a finalist of the leadership competition "Golden reserve" (25 from 5000 candidates) of the party "Union of right forces" of the Russian State Duma  in 2001. In 2002 I was interviewed about my creative methods of work with people by Seva Novgorodtsev, legendary BBC journalist - “The DJ who 'brought down the USSR” - awarded The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. I'm the author of the "productive opposition" model of coaching (2003) and a team\VIP-coach since 2004. I'm a creative challenger of political creators, leaders and communicators since 2012. I worked as a pregnancy coach of 200 newborn children (2004-2008) and a psychologist on the treatment of psychosomatics since 2010. I wrote the book "Secrets of princess Frog. Biospheric therapy for humans and humankind" (2012).  I hold the Medicine Buddha dedication from the FPMT head Lama Zopa Rinpoche since 2017 and Reiki Usui Master dedication since 2020. I elaborated a creative globally conservative technology of the biospherocentric transformation for people, organizations and countries of Earth, starting from Russia (2017), based on traditions of a country and its potential of digital modernization, placed into the context of the global sustainable development of humankind & Earth.
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